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They Not All Equal

In a recent conversation with another hemp store owner, he said “Sarge, a lot of these companies are cutting the hemp oil and going the pharmaceutical route!!!” He went on to explain that a lot of products that are on the market are being MASS PRODUCED and might not contain as much hemp oil as they claim. They do contain hemp oil, but it might only be 5- 20% hemp oil and the rest is some type of filler.

This is an issue that definitely is on our squad’s mind when we speak to different companies about carrying new products. We stopped carrying a national brand once it was discovered they were adding melatonin and synthetic cannabinoids in products. At the end of the day, we want to carry the highest quality hemp products for our customers not only for your health benefit, but we use these products as well. If it ain’t safe for us, it ain’t safe for you. Be careful out there when purchasing hemp products.

Steps you can take to ensure you have good products:
1) Check manufacturing (our hemp products come from America, we try to source from Colorado, Washington, Oregon and other states that have hemp programs)
2) Ask questions from retailer (if they have hemp products and can’t really tell you about them besides, “oh it helps you sleep” RUN!!!!)
3) Check out products before you go buy them (be a smart consumer)
4) Just buy from BattleBuds and our affiliated partners (we verify for you the safety and source of the product)

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