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Try Something New for 420!!!

Try HEMP! You might be saying “but hemp isn’t cannabis” “it isn’t marijuana”, “it won’t get me high”.

To those valid concerns, I say the celebration of 420 as a stoner holiday has focused on cannabis in a general. People who participate in 420 celebrations many times forget that HEMP belongs to the cannabis family as well. You’re right hemp won’t get you high, but you’ll feel great!! With that said, all you HEMPSTERS out there using hemp for your health, HAPPY 420!! This year’s celebration is for you!


Cherry Wine Hemp Bud

Hemp was removed from Controlled Substance Act in December 2018

Hemp was introduced in 2018 Farm Bill as a plant farmers can produce!!! (Our products 100% USA Grown)

The CBD everyone’s in LOVE with comes from HEMP!!!!!

Hemp has all the benefit of marijuana minus the psychoactive high!!!! (You can use it and function)

Hemp is a RENEWABLE RESOURCE (from clothing to building material!!)!!!!!

250mg Battle Buds Gummy Pack

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