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Texas Lawmakers Expand Access to CBD

It’s May and it’s been a long 140 session, one bill we’re happy about is HB1325. As a veteran living in Texas, this is GREAT news! I’m happy to see the expansion of access to CBD aside from individuals with intractable epilepsy. Unfortunately the legislatures didn’t include PTSD for one of the conditions to get a medical card for, but with CBD being allowed, there is no need for a doctor to give me a prescription. Our squad is looking forward to the day when we aren’t just providing you American grown hemp, but we’re ready for the day when we can provide TEXAS grown hemp!!

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Chihuahua Testimonial

Lil Bit was having trouble moving around until he tried hemp/cbd oil

Getting older is a part of life, not just for humans, but our pets as well. With getting older sometimes we have some pains, this is a testimonial from a friend about giving their dog hemp oil. Check out our great selection of pet products!

My 15 year old chihuahua back legs went to shit. I bought wheel chair. No good. I have him cbd. Boom, he is no longer jumping up, but he is walking and pooping good times still!!!

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Try Something New for 420!!!

Try HEMP! You might be saying “but hemp isn’t cannabis” “it isn’t marijuana”, “it won’t get me high”.

To those valid concerns, I say the celebration of 420 as a stoner holiday has focused on cannabis in a general. People who participate in 420 celebrations many times forget that HEMP belongs to the cannabis family as well. You’re right hemp won’t get you high, but you’ll feel great!! With that said, all you HEMPSTERS out there using hemp for your health, HAPPY 420!! This year’s celebration is for you!


Cherry Wine Hemp Bud

Hemp was removed from Controlled Substance Act in December 2018

Hemp was introduced in 2018 Farm Bill as a plant farmers can produce!!! (Our products 100% USA Grown)

The CBD everyone’s in LOVE with comes from HEMP!!!!!

Hemp has all the benefit of marijuana minus the psychoactive high!!!! (You can use it and function)

Hemp is a RENEWABLE RESOURCE (from clothing to building material!!)!!!!!

250mg Battle Buds Gummy Pack
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Hemp/CBD Got me HAPPY

Hemp/CBD is providing people with depression and other mental health issues with a new outlook. Check out the testimonial from a friend of mine and the video below.

Before CBD I was a depressed and anxiety filled man. My quality of life was terrible. The VA had me on Xanax, Trazedone and Zoloft and Clonazepam. Now, I’m just on this herb. No thc, no alcohol no cigarettes. Just this beautiful plant. I feel free from the chains of those pills and I’m happy again.

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Depression/Anxiety Testimonial

While we’re out from time to time. we’ll get someone who says they have depression and thought about using hemp or CBD and we let them know how CBD helps lift mood and reduce anxiety and depression. Check out the testimonial and video below.


“I can’t stress this enough guys, I questioned CBD for a while and finally gave in. If you’re struggling with the decision, give it and yourself a chance! With depression/anxiety started taking sublingual CBD full-spectrum terpenes and it has allowed me to get off anti-depressants, limited the desire to drink and has immensely helped my sleep just within a week!!!!”

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Hemp/CBD for Pet Health

All mammals have a endocannabinoid system, that includes our furry members of our family!!! As our pets age, they like us tend to develop different health issues from anxiety to arthritis. The same hemp and CBD that you have heard of can also help your pet. We’ve had testimonials of clients using pet treats to calm their dog down from just randomly barking, giving them oil drops to address mobility issues and joint pain and noting their pet moved much better. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of research that shows the benefits but there are testimonials and video showing evidence of benefits. Check some of them out below.