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The Squad Effect

The compounds found in hemp are cannabinoids, and they work best when they are all present and accounted for; like a squad of soldiers. When all cannabinoids are together, it’s called full spectrum, and you’re be getting the entourage effect. When only one or a few cannabinoids are present, then it’s an isolate, and you’re only getting those cannabinoids. Check out the excerpt below is from Merry Jane.

Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, 80 of which are currently categorized as cannabinoids. CBD and THC are the principal cannabinoids in cannabis, both commonly occurring in the relatively largest concentrations, and they are incredibly synergistic.
Embracing the full-spectrum of cannabis’ naturally occurring phytonutrients is part of a process called whole plant medicine. This practice is highly regarded in the holistic and alternative medicine communities, existing in stark contrast to the practice of fractionated medicine, a process involving the heavy use processing and chemical synthesis popularized by the pharmaceutical industry.

Long before people began hybridizing cannabis to create the highest THC strains to wow judges at cannabis competitions, naturally occurring fields of cannabis most likely contained plants with moderate concentrations of both primary cannabinoids, CBD and THC, along with other naturally occurring therapeutic cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, plus various terpenes, flavonoids, and all other phytonutrients found in healthy cannabis plants. Thanks to Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam, the synergies of all these compounds working together is now known as “the entourage effect.”

While not sanctioned for children because of its euphoria-producing properties, adding any amount of THC to a therapeutic dose of CBD largely enhances CBD’s effects. Medical cardholders in many states can now access CBD products with varying ratios of CBD to THC. Everything from 20:1 to 1:1 ratios, even 2 parts THC to 1 part CBD, make for an incredibly therapeutic array of options for patients seeking the benefits of cannabidiol.

Hopefully this introduction to cannabinoids will help you along your journey, especially if you will be incorporating hemp and other plants into your regimen.

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I’m NOT so Anxious!!!!

In everyday life there are so many things that can trigger anxiety, from work, traffic, family or PTSD, hemp oil and CBD can help calm things down. In large crowds, I have increased anxiety levels. I’ve smoked marijuana to help keep it in balance before using hemp oil and CBD. Now I’m not as anxious as I was in the past since I’ve started using hemp oil and CBD. Check out the videos and testimonials below!!!!