Sgt. Bud

My Story

I’m Sgt. Bud, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. My family has a history of serving in the military; my father served in WW II, two brothers served in the Army and Marine Corp and my son is an officer in the Army.

I’ve lived with PTSD since returning home from service in 1991. Over the years, I would self medicate for relief. After seeing how the hemp cream helped my knee, I looked to see how a tincture would help my PTSD. It helped with my mood, anxiety and help me sleep. After letting friends and family members try the CBD products and got their testimonials, we decided to launch Battle Buds.

I started this company with my family after using hemp cream with cannabidiol (CBD). Since then, I’ve added hemp along with healthy food choices and physical activity to have better wellness. We believe in the healing ability of plants.

My squad and I are always on a mission to provide you with some of the best and high quality hemp products around. Check back often as we’re always looking to provide you with great products that aid your health and wellness.

Our Mission

To provide American hemp based products that aid in you having better health and wellness.

Our Service

Sgt. Bud believes that our food should serve as our medicine.
Like many who answered the call to serve, Sgt. Bud hasn’t stopped serving his veteran brothers and sisters.
A portion of proceeds go to support veteran farming programs that provide fresh, affordable and nutritious fruits and vegetables in their local communities.

Seeds of the Soil (SOTS) is an educational research farm located in Houston, TX. It was founded by U.S. Navy Vet Nathan Hawthorne, who wants to provide education to communities about the importance of agriculture and provide affordable fresh produce to low income communities. Sgt. Bud is a SOTS PROUD VOLUNTEER!!!!!