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This CBG tincture is a potent oil that has 500mg of THC Free Distillate with up to 75mg of CBG per bottle! You get all of the benefits of our Full Spectrum oil without the THC!!!


100% THC free CBD distillate, Hempseed Oil


Without CBG, THC and CBD wouldn’t exist. It’s the mother of all phytocannabinoids!

CBG research is proving this newly studied cannabinoid to be anti-bacterial and antifungal. It inhibits tumor cell growth and promotes sleep. And it’s worth looking into if you suffer from glaucoma, IBS or Crohn’s Disease.

Isolated, each cannabinoid has its own beneficial properties. When you combine CBD with CBG, the effects of both are amplified.

Here’s how it works. CBD works with FAAH to stimulate anandamide and the production of endocannabinoids in your body. CBG interacts with the receptors, and together they open the gates for healing. The cascade of healing properties released when endocannabinoids are taken together is called The Entourage Effect.

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